Vino Vero Lisboa

Vino Vero opened in Lisbon, in a small street in the centre of Graça, bringing the natural wine movement to a city in a state of total evolution, where however, it is still possible to succeed in the supporting of small producers of Portuguese natural wine. The experience we have accumulated over the years has allowed us to quickly succeed in exporting the best of European wine production, making it known to a larger and more diverse audience by taking them on a journey through our wine racks across the terroir of the old continent. Lisbon has surprised us, welcomed us and immediately catapulted us to the height of the game of the natural wine bar scene and, with a great sense of responsibility, we strive day after day to uncork only the best natural wines out there.

Opening hours


18:00 – 01:00


18:00 – 01:00


18:00 – 01:00


14:00 – 01:00


14:00 – 01:00


14:00 – 01:00


18:00 – 01:00



Travessa do Monte, 30
São Vincente 1170-265
Lisbon, Portugal


+351 218863115


The Host

Ever on the hunt down (for new wines). After her pilgrimage in Florence, Beijing, and Venice, Giulia came to Lisbon to launch Vino Vero. She transferred her passion for contemporary art into the essences and shades of natural wines.


Of Florentine origins, it is here where he developed his great “nose”, he lived most of his life in the tropics where he worked as a scuba diver by managing his own diving centre “Herradura Divers”. Moving to La Floresta, a small town in the surroundings of Barcelona, he discovered his passion for natural wine. It was wine that finally brought him back to Italy after his long pilgrimage. He was the creator of the “cicchetto gourmet”, but thanks to his spirit and energy, a fundamental pillar to the history of Vino Vero.



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June 16, 2020 – Vino Vero Venezia
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