What is natural wine?

The Vini Veri consortium has defined very well what is meant when we talk about natural wines, we report here what mentioned in their website.

Work processes undertaken in the vineyard:

  • Exclusion of herbicides and / or drying products;
  • Exclusion of chemical fertilisers;
  • Exclusion of genetically modified vines;
  • Introduction to new vineyards, of plants obtained from mass selection;
  • Cultivation of native vines;
  • The use of products for treatments in the vineyard against diseases of those permitted by the regulations in force in organic farming. In all cases all those that are penetrating or systemic are not permitted.


Processes undertaken in the wine cellar:

  • Exclusive use of indigenous yeasts on grapes and in the cellar;
  • Exclusion of the contribution of any product of nourishment and sustenance;
  • Conditioning of wine may be of vitamins, enzymes and bacteria;
  • Exclusion of any forced concentration and drying system;
  • Natural air drying of grapes, without any forced procedures;
  • Exclusion of any form of manipulation aimed at accelerating and / or slowing down the natural fermentation of grape must and wine;
  • Fermentation without temperature control;
  • Exclusion of any clearing and filtration processes which alter the biological and natural balance of wines;
  • The total of sulfur dioxide can never be higher than 80 mg / l for dry wines and 100 mg / l for sweet wines.