Vino Vero Venezia

Our first wine bar began with a focus on the local fabric of small producers, who have long been eager to disassociate themselves from the stigmatised “ombra Veneta”. Vino Vero Venezia opened in 2014 and today offers one of the best selections of natural wines in the world, in just a few years it has become a meeting place for producers and drinkers where they mingle in the discovery of our wild and vast array of natural wines by the glass, the ultimate motif of conviviality! The bottles presented on our racks are there to be tasted and sipped by the glass without any hesitation.

Opening hours


17:00 – 24:00


17:00 – 24:00


17:00 – 24:00


17:00 – 24:00


12:00 – 01:00


12:00 – 01:00


12:00 – 24:00


Fondamenta della Misericordia
Cannaregio 2497
30121 Venezia


+39 0412750044

Matteo & Mara

Matteo Bartoli together with his wife Mara Sartore and his brother Massimiliano, are the founders of Vino Vero. The opening of Vino Vero was inspired by Matteo and Mara’s experience as partners of a biodynamic winery in Tuscany. Vino Vero opened in 2014 and was the first wine bar in Venice solely dedicated to natural wine.  Thanks to the opening of Vino Vero Lisbon we have further expanded our knowledge, contacts, and outreach and we strive to continue to nurture our love for all that is natural.

Senior Host

Our head wine connoisseur could not have a more suitable name. She radiates light and her welcoming bright smile complements the most elegant of Japanese hospitality, with an attention to the finest standards of service. Stella is an interpreter of oriental cultures and languages, a course of study which drawn her closer to the aesthetics of nature, with its strength and energy, influencing her careful selection of wine makers who work in a symbiotic relationship with the ‘terroir’.


Lorenzo di Prun is a chef and food researcher. Initiator of Prometheus_, a cultural device aiming to explore edible potential of remote places and restoring the ecological role of humans in their landscapes through food. Hosted by Dolomiti Contemporanee in Progettoborca since 2017, he collaborates with research teams including The Preserve Journal in Copenhagen and the Green Lab in London. In the Lagoon he is evaluating opportunities related to endemic halophytes to restore degraded lands, gathering an international team of researchers and artists under the project The Tidal Garden.

Senior Host

A French woman who comes to Italy from Bordeaux to study wine? Yes, it exists and she is called Camille. Venice, Florence, and then back again to Venice, after a sommelier course and an infinite curiosity to discover all the “secrets” of natural wine. She is never tired of listening music while rowing through the canals and drinking the orange wine of our Slovenian friend Klinec.

Senior Host

Lucio Dalla sang about a Berliner who gets lost in Bologna. Ronny about eight years ago got lost in Venice and decided to stay to start a new life. Passionate about natural wines, the immense Italian cuisine, and a “Rock n ‘Roll Lifestyle”, he began working in several ‘slow food ‘restaurants in the city and tasted any spontaneously fermented wine and indigenous yeasts that could be found. Always looking for interesting combinations, particular tastes, and the glass of happiness.


Senior Host

After working as an engineer in Germany, Andrea decides to change jobs. After graduating as a pastry chef at the Alma school of Gualtiero Marchesi: he has worked in hotels, restaurants, and workshops in Italy, Spain, England, and Germany, helping his brother to make wine with his grandfather’s old vineyards during breaks.
Since 2016, when he starts going to Vino Vero, Andrea has been drinking only natural wines.

Senior Host

Born into a family who loved food and wine culture, Giacomo grew up in Venice and took his first steps in local taverns. He first obtained the professional qualification of cook and then that of sommelier at the FIS association. Lover of travel and nature, with work experience in France, Spain, and Sri Lanka, he is passionate about everything related to catering. When he arrived in Vino Vero, he was able to deepen his knowledge of natural wines, discovering their qualities and finding in them something he can no longer do without.

Senior Host

Leonardo loves nature in all its manifestations.
Born in the countryside, he grew up in a Venetian tavern which he then left to embark on a long journey still in progress. Voluntary experiences in organic farms in Australia, Thailand and Malaysia, connect him more and more to the earth and increase the love for his products. Always on the move, he gradually approaches the world of wine, discovering territoriality and unique expressions of the vine and its human interpretation every day.

Social Media Manager

Her intrinsic attraction to manual genius immediately prompted her to go down the road of artisanal. She was naturally leavened and baptized with entrepreneurship at Forno Brisa bakery in Bologna, her vision continues to ferment and thrive at Vino Vero where she takes care of social media.



Cari amici,

Siamo lieti di annunciare l’apertura del Wine Shop di Vino Vero.

Uno spazio che in questo periodo sarà riservato ai vostri acquisti di vino dopo le 16.00 fino alle 19.00 per poter comunque continuare a festeggiare.
In futuro questo sarà anche uno spazio speciale riservato a percorsi sensoriali fuori dall’ordinario. I tempi non ci permettono ancora di svelarvi le degustazioni che i nostri Osti stanno preparando per presentarvi la miglior vinificazione spontanea europea e oceanica, ma apriamo le porte del Wine Shop per donarvi il meglio della nostra cantina, adesso aperta a tutti.

Fino alle 19 ci trovate proprio nella bottega affianco al nostro bancone, per venire incontro al vostro desiderio e al vostro palato anche nei giorni di lockdown, tranne il giorno di Natale, offrendovi le migliori bottiglie da trasportare fino al vostro domicilio o per le strenne natalizie dell’ultima ora.

Nel Wine Shop troverete anche le nostre t-shirt e shopper e una cartolina omaggio per i vostri auguri.

Veniteci a trovare, vi aspettiamo.

December 18, 2020 – Vino Vero Venezia
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