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Artist Marie Denis at Vino Vero

The first art window “VETRINA #1” curated by Mara Sartore presents the French artist Marie Denis


Vino Vero in collaboration with Lightbox launches a new series of contemporary art events. Every three months, international artists who celebrate nature through their work, will be invited to present site-specific works in the window of the wine club adjacent to the bar.

The first instalment from September 25th to November 21st presents the French artist Marie Denis, represented by Alberta Pane Gallery, Venice | Paris.

The work of Marie Denis (France, 1972) focuses mainly on the object and the ways it can be reinvented. Her installations and sculptures are inspired by botany, which the artist reinterprets through different media, creating pieces where elements of the universal and the everyday harmoniously converge. The nature Marie Denis presents is sensitive and ever-changing, susceptible to both interpretation and new meanings. Marie Denis’s works are manifested in her ability to study matter, which generates an alienating, taxidermic, transmuted, manipulated and changeable nature that leads to the distance between the real and the artificial.

The artist focuses on processes of reinvention of the object, drawing inspiration from botany to blend everyday and universal elements, emulating a Wunderkammer (chamber of wonders).

Her meticulous collection arouses attention and reflection around the plant world and a biological herbarium that highlights her scientific knowledge and collaborations.

In her work “Spathes”, created in collaboration with the Giovanardi textile company and presented last December at the Alberta Pane Gallery, the artist states: “A meditation on forms and materials. Simplicity to the bone: in the darkroom of steel and aluminium. Coconut blades, engraved aluminium and matt black. The “Spathes” become Blades of Belfagor. The complex and the pure, the black and white of a two-tone nature: the obscure, explicit forms nourished by Eros and Thanatos ”. 

Vino Vero in Lisbon opens at lunch time

From Thursday to Saturday Vino Vero in Lisbon opens at lunchtime offering a wide range of small plates and bites to start your day.

Come and visit us, to book a table call: +351 218863115

May 16, 2022 – Vino Vero Lisboa

Can two people sitting at a table cause noise to such an extent that it is not considered tolerable and this lead to the closure of only one wine bar?

The Court of Venice has said no! In fact, it assessed that given the specificity of the context and the conditions leading to noise emissions, it is not possible to determine the source of the noise.

The court’s decision also took into account the recent regulatory changes adopted by the Venice City Council, which set precise limitations on the hours of operation of establishments in the area of Fondamenta della Misericordia.

The court, in light of all this, considered Vino Vero’s earlier closing time to be unjustified and therefore upheld the complaint and reformed the order in question.

Vino Vero thus returns to its usual hours: closing at midnight every day except Friday and Saturday, when it closes at one o’clock.

We are happy that we can continue to do our work, with the professionalism that has always characterised us. We love Venice and we do not want this city to become a museum with fixed and predetermined opening and closing times.

Precisely because we love and live in Venice, we know how important residents’ need for tranquillity and rest is, and – with profound respect for this – we felt that this was a good opportunity to ask ourselves about the future we want – as citizens – for Venice and the historic centres of many Italian cities, with the aim of activating a positive, participatory public dialogue.

Vino Vero is not just a wine bar, we cultivate culture and we want to continue to do so. Thank you all for supporting us so far: we have won, but we want to continue to fight so that Venice remains a city which is alive beyond mere tourism. That is why it is important to continue collecting signatures, to show that there are many of us who want Venice to stay alive.

August 07, 2023 – Vino Vero Venezia