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Francesco Guccione: the Prince of Catarratto

The mansion of Francesco Guccione in San Cipirello is a beautiful and happy place in the vibrant hills of Palermo.


Before winemaker, Francesco Guccione is first and foremost a farmer. Horses, a lively chicken coop, flocks of dogs and the unmissable Molly, the domesticated pig, are all his faithful life companions, all gathered in the splendid farmhouse lost in the luxuriant Sicilian countryside, looking over bright horizons that lead down onto the Piana degli Albanesi.

The utmost respect for time in the wine cellar is indispensable for the wine to take on in both its taste and in our minds the breadth that Francesco assigns to his wines, always with the paramount care to render the beauty and the elegance of a territory, you would never imagine to find near Palermo, in each glass.

Vino Vero in order to expand its activities in Venice is looking for waiters and bartenders. We offer a good salary and great working shifts.
The candidates must have:
Previous experience in the food & beverage sector;
Fluency in English and preferably also French knowledge;
Minimum knowledge of the wine field and willingness to improve it;
Excellent customer relations skills;
Seriousness and punctuality;
Cared appearance.
If interested, please send CVs to
November 15, 2022 – Vino Vero Venezia
O grande jantar de fim de ano

Celebrate the new year with Vino Vero

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