We are open!

We are finally reopening today, with bated breath in the hope that this is not a parenthesis, but a reconciliation without end.

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Special Offers for Shipping to Italy

Mille bolle blu

Koi, Donati, Plessi

– Vino Vero Venezia

Pastin mon amour

Elvira, Angiolino Maule, Rarefratte

– Vino Vero Venezia
Vino Vero


Sensational wines, welcoming and friendly hosts, a counter which is ever adorned by gourmet cicchetti, the wine flows and your glass is never empty! The perfect formula that has established our small Venetian wine bar as a landmark in the city for the sommelier, the passer-by and the local alike.


Vino Vero opened in Lisbon to divulge and cultivate the natural wine movement in Portugal, to support local producers by help them to maintain confidence in their natural choices and to bring only the best in European production to Portugal.