Osti per una sera: Emmanuel Giboulot e Aris Blancardi

With the second appointment of Osti per una sera we will travel from Burgundy to Liguria.

January 16, 2020 – Vino Vero Venezia

Following the footsteps of his father, an organic farmer, Emmanuel Giboulot obtained biodynamic certification in 1996. Today, the Domaine Giboulot includes 10 hectares of plots from Beaune to Rully, up to Haute-Côtes de Nuit. The French vigneron is part of the association “Renaissance des Appellations” led by Nicolas Joly.  In 2014 he risked prison and a fine of 30,000 euros for not having used the insecticides imposed by law to counteract the golden flavescent, becoming the symbol of the split, in the world of agriculture, between the organic and the conventional world.
Emmanuel Gibot pursues his production method based on the stimulation of microbial fauna and the natural awakening of the land. Among his renowned products, we mention three wines of the denomination “Cote de Beaune”, “Combe d’Eve”, “Les Pierres Blanches” and “La Grande Chatelaine”.

Aris Blancardi approaches the family farm after veterinary studies. He began to take an interest in biodynamics in 2004 and has since decided to transform the Selvadolce estate into a biodynamic winery. Located on the sea, a few kilometers from the border with France, the company includes 7 hectares of estate and two vineyards located in two completely distinct areas: “A Ciapissa”, a natural amphitheater which houses a centenary vineyard of Rossese grapes (the heart of the DOC history of Rossese di Dolceacqua); and Selvadolce, characterized by terraces facing south to marine influences, which houses Pigato and Vermentino wines.


16 January 2020


Fondamenta Misericordia, 2497
30121 Venice


In Venice we have a new tasting space which cn host up to 10 people for special private tasting evening.

Special food dishes will be prepared to pair with the wine we will select for you tailoring special wine itineraries.

If you are interested in booking a special tasting please write to our communication agency and they will arrange for you your special night.


August 30, 2021 – Vino Vero Venezia

Can two people sitting at a table cause noise to such an extent that it is not considered tolerable and this lead to the closure of only one wine bar?

The Court of Venice has said no! In fact, it assessed that given the specificity of the context and the conditions leading to noise emissions, it is not possible to determine the source of the noise.

The court’s decision also took into account the recent regulatory changes adopted by the Venice City Council, which set precise limitations on the hours of operation of establishments in the area of Fondamenta della Misericordia.

The court, in light of all this, considered Vino Vero’s earlier closing time to be unjustified and therefore upheld the complaint and reformed the order in question.

Vino Vero thus returns to its usual hours: closing at midnight every day except Friday and Saturday, when it closes at one o’clock.

We are happy that we can continue to do our work, with the professionalism that has always characterised us. We love Venice and we do not want this city to become a museum with fixed and predetermined opening and closing times.

Precisely because we love and live in Venice, we know how important residents’ need for tranquillity and rest is, and – with profound respect for this – we felt that this was a good opportunity to ask ourselves about the future we want – as citizens – for Venice and the historic centres of many Italian cities, with the aim of activating a positive, participatory public dialogue.

Vino Vero is not just a wine bar, we cultivate culture and we want to continue to do so. Thank you all for supporting us so far: we have won, but we want to continue to fight so that Venice remains a city which is alive beyond mere tourism. That is why it is important to continue collecting signatures, to show that there are many of us who want Venice to stay alive.

August 07, 2023 – Vino Vero Venezia